Monday, July 8, 2013

Employment Report Justifies Tapering QE (excerpt)

Needless to say, the strength in June’s employment report confirms that the US economy is showing more signs of self-sustaining growth, which certainly would justify phasing out QE. To keep focused on the bottom line of the employment report--which contains so much information about the labor market--I calculate the YRI Earned Income Proxy (YRI-EIP), which is aggregate weekly hours worked times average hourly earnings, both in the private sector. It is highly correlated with private-industry wages and salaries in personal income.

Our proxy jumped 0.6% during June to a new record high. It reflects the solid 0.4% increase in wages during the month--the best m/m increase since last November--and a 0.2% increase in aggregate weekly hours of private industry. Reflected in the YRI-EIP were a better-than-expected 202,000 increase in private payrolls during June and a 60,000 upward revision to April and May private payrolls. Private payrolls are up 205,700 per month on average during the first half of the year.

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