Monday, December 9, 2013

Record Corporate Profits (excerpt)

Over the same period that the P/E has increased 44% from 2011's low, forward earnings rose 12% to a new record high of $120.74 per share. Also at new record highs were after-tax profits during Q3, as reported in the National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA), along with GDP on Thursday.

Last week, I noted that the S&P 500’s profit margin rose to a record high of 9.7% during Q3. The NIPA data show that after-tax reported profits as a percentage of nominal GDP rose to 11.1% during Q3, also a new record high. The S&P and NIPA profit margins are highly correlated. The former is only available since Q4-1993. The latter starts in 1947, and is currently well above all previous cyclical peaks.

On a pre-tax basis, profits of nonfinancial industries rose 8.1% y/y to a record high of $1.24 trillion (saar) during Q3. Financial industry profits rose to a record high as well, but were up only 3.0% y/y. The FDIC’s latest Quarterly Banking Profile showed that banks continued to lower their provisions for loan losses and net charge-offs to the lowest readings since before the Great Recession. There may not be much more room for banks to boost their earnings in this manner.

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