Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Japan Is Doing It Again (excerpt)

There’s a good chance that the Japanese government is about to repeat a rookie mistake that was made back in April 1997, when the sales tax was raised from 3% to 5%. Consumer spending took a dive. Today, the government is doing it again, raising the tax from 5% to 8%.

That tax hike will hit just as Abenomics seems to be losing its mojo. Household spending dropped 2.5% y/y during February. Housing starts are down 12.9% over the past two months through February. Industrial production, which rose 10.3% y/y through January--partly on expectations that consumer spending might soar before the tax hike--dropped 2.3% m/m in February.

On April 4 last year, the BOJ announced a plan to double the monetary base within two years: “Under this guideline, the monetary base--whose amount outstanding was 138 trillion yen at end-2012--is expected to reach 200 trillion yen at end-2013 and 270 trillion yen at end-2014.” In February, it was 210 trillion yen, suggesting a 29% increase by the end of the year. Yet, as I’ve been noting recently, there are mounting signs that this monetary “arrow” of Abenomics has been missing its mark.

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