Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another Weak Revenues Season (excerpt)

According to Standard & Poor's, S&P 500 revenues fell 2.3% y/y during Q1 mostly as a result of the plunge in the revenues of the Energy Sector, and also the strength of the dollar. On a same company basis for both periods, we calculate that S&P 500 revenues fell 3.0% y/y during Q1, but rose 2.4% excluding the Energy sector.  A similar pattern is likely for Q2. Industry analysts currently estimate a 4.0% decline in revenues during the quarter, but a small gain of 1.5% excluding Energy.

The y/y growth rate in S&P 500 revenues tends to be highly correlated with the comparable growth rate in manufacturing and trade sales. The latter was down 2.2% in May, but up 1.9% excluding petroleum.

Industry analysts are currently estimating the following revenues growth rates for Q2 on a y/y basis, from high to low: Health Care (6.1%), Telecommunication Services (2.8), Information Technology (2.6), Financials (2.5), Consumer Staples (2.4), Consumer Discretionary (2.0), Utilities (0.0), Industrials (-3.9), S&P 500 (-4.0), Materials (-8.8), and Energy (-34.8).

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