Thursday, April 12, 2012

US Federal Tax Revenues

I remain optimistic about the US labor market. Over the past two days, I explained why I am not changing my view despite the government’s disappointing report for March. The weight of the evidence suggests that the pace of employment gains remains strong. However, I have to provide a balanced analysis, and the latest data on individual tax receipts is tipping the balance in the wrong direction.

The 12-month average of individual income tax receipts reported yesterday by the US Treasury has flattened out around $1.1 trillion over the past 11 months, after rebounding from a cyclical low of $846.8 billion during January 2010. On the other hand, overall federal tax revenue tends to be highly correlated with the Index of Lagging Economic Indicators, which continues to rebound. I expect that the recent improvement in the labor markets will soon show up in better individual tax receipts.

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