Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flow of Funds

We’ve updated our US Flow of Funds chart book with data for the first quarter. I don’t see all that much deleveraging going on. Most of it is happening in the financial sector rather than the nonfinancial sector. The latter actually rose to a new record high of $38.6 trillion, up $5.6 trillion since Q1-2008. That was led entirely by the rise in US Treasury debt to a record $10.9 trillion, while the debt of the other nonfinancial sectors flattened out around $28 trillion.

There has been some modest deleveraging happening in the household sector, where outstanding debt peaked at a record $13.8 trillion during Q1-2008. It is now down to $12.9 trillion. On the other hand, nonfinancial business debt rose to a record $12.0 trillion during Q1. Nonfinancial corporations have taken advantage of record low interest rates to issue $400.0 billion in the bond market over the past four quarters. Some of these funds may be going into stock buybacks, as suggested by the net decline of $477.5 billion in nonfinancial corporate equities outstanding over the past four quarters.

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