Tuesday, September 10, 2013

OECD Leading Indicators Mostly Looking Up (excerpt)

Almost on a daily basis recently, it seems that more and more global economic indicators are confirming that global economic growth is picking up. I’ve been especially encouraged by the OECD Leading Indicators, which have actually been rebounding since August 2012 and rose in July to the best level since April 2011.

The comebacks have been especially impressive for the US (101.1 in July), Japan (101.1), and Europe (100.4). Within Europe, leading the way higher are Ireland (102.1), Greece (102.0), Spain (101.8), Portugal (101.2), the UK (101.0), and Germany (100.4).

The global laggards are commodity-producers Australia (99.8) and Canada (99.6). The BRICs are still mostly losing altitude: Brazil (98.9), Russia (99.3), India (97.1), and China (99.4).

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