Monday, March 4, 2013

S&P 500 Revenues (Excerpt)

When the current bull was a youngster during 2009, the bears growled that the rebound in earnings back then was all attributable to cost cutting. They were very pessimistic about the outlook for revenues. I was among the optimists. 

So far, so good. S&P 500 revenues per share bottomed during Q1-2009 and are up 30.2% through Q4-2012, and 5.9% y/y. I also track revenues for the S&P 500 Industrial Composite, which excludes Transportation, Financials, and Utilities. On a per-share basis, it is up 42.4% over this same period, and 4.4% y/y. Both measures are at record highs. I am predicting that revenues will increase 5% this year and next year. 

As of the week of 2/21, industry analysts were predicting that S&P 500 revenues will increase 3.1% this year and 5.0% next year. Forward revenues, the time-weighted average of these two forecasts, rose to a new cyclical high. 

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